Burnt Mill Creek Report Cover Page

PAHs in Burnt Mill Creek

Quick Facts

  • What to do to reduce PAHs in stormwater runoff (fact sheet)
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are a class of petroleum chemicals.
  • PAHs and excessive stormwater flows are the main impairing factors for Burnt Mill Creek.
  • Research indicates that eliminating use of coal tar based sealants on asphalt parking lots and treating stormwater running off of parking lots are top strategies for reducing PAHs entering waterways.
  • Apartment buildings are a top priority for eliminating the use of coal tar based sealants. USGS has identified a high risk of ingestion of carcinogenic dust by infants and children who live adjacent to lots sealed with coal tar based sealant.


Partners of this initiative included those listed below as well as many other citizens and local community groups who provided land for watershed improvement projects and/or work hard to improve Burnt Mill Creek. While WRRI is no longer coordinating the Burnt Mill Creek Initiative, local organizations are leading the way in continued watershed education and restoration.