The Walnut Creek Wetland Community Partnership is a group formed in 2014 by citizens and organizations interested in and working in the community surrounding the Walnut Creek wetlands in Southeast Raleigh. They developed their mission at a retreat in spring 2015:

The Walnut Creek Wetland Community Partnership provides an informational hub and communication forum for academic, government, community leaders, and residents to collaborate on education, research, sustainable management of the wetlands’ natural resources and development of the surrounding human community.

Partners communicate through an email listserv and periodic gatherings in the community. WRRI and NCSU College of Natural Resources are coordinating the partnership. Email Christy Perrin at to subscribe to the listserv. Email Christy or Louie Rivers at with any questions.

What are wetlands? Wetlands are low lying lands that collect water, have soggy soil, and provide homes to a variety of plants and animals. Wetlands act as sponges and filters, helping to control flooding and provide clean water. The Walnut Creek wetlands in southeast Raleigh help to remove pollution and reduce flooding from water flowing from downtown Raleigh. They also provide a natural outdoor place for people to enjoy.

News and Opportunities

  • WCWCP installed a rain garden at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, funded by a grant from American Rivers and City of Raleigh Stormwater Cost Share. Watch three videos about the rain garden at the City’s site here
  • The Center for Human and Earth Restoration receives the 2016 John Chavis Community Legacy Award for the Neighborhood Ecology Corps program.

Current efforts

  • NCSU graduate students are working in the community to learn more about green infrastructure opportunities. These are projects that use nature to provide community and environmental benefits. Email Louie Rivers for more information, or how to be involved.
  • The partnership received a grant from American Rivers and the Pisces Foundation to explore what community members think about stormwater and to install a demonstration rain garden at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church. Email Christy Perrin or call her at 919-513-1152 for more information.
  • City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources is working with community to develop a master plan for a Wetland Park to surround the existing Walnut Creek Wetland Center.
  • City of Raleigh’s Walkable Watershed Plan focuses on ways to improve pedestrian safety and connectivity while reducing flooding and helping local waterways.


Have you worked in the Walnut Creek wetlands and/or surrounding community in southeast Raleigh?  We seek to create an archive of projects and results and resources to share with the community.  Please contact us if you’ve got a project to share.

Who we are

We step up to the table with our individual motivations, gifts, talents, and humility, seeking to share those in a place we care about, with people we care about. We invite residents and organizations that are active in the community to join us. So far, we include: