The Walnut Creek Wetland Community Partnership (WCWCP) formed in 2014 by residents and organizations who were interested or working in the community surrounding the Walnut Creek wetlands in SE Raleigh. The group was formed to create a space for individuals from varying backgrounds to come together to discuss and manage the wetlands.

What we do

Partners work together to identify and implement projects that support healthy wetlands and healthy communities. Public meetings are held to discuss projects, ideas and other relevant topics. Anyone is invited to attend these meetings.

What we have done

  • Installed a rain garden at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church
  • Environmentally focused events for youth and families
  • Engaged the community in conversations about flooding and stormwater concerns
  • Identified partners and funding to do projects of interest such as Parks with Purpose


Walnut Creek Wetlands

What are wetlands

Low lying lands that collect water, have soggy soil, and provide homes to a variety of plants and animals. Wetlands act as sponges and filters, helping to control flooding and provide clean water.

Walnut Creek Wetlands

The wetlands help to remove pollution and reduce flooding from the runoff that flows from downtown Raleigh and upstream communities. The Rochester Heights neighborhood is adjacent to the wetlands, and partially within the 100-year floodplain.

To learn more about the wetland’s history visit  Partners for Environmental Justice or Walnut Creek Wetland Park



Boundaries of the Walnut Creek Watershed. (Map Credit: Amin Davis)

Walnut Creek Watershed

Watershed: An area of land that contains a common set of streams and rivers that all drain into a single large body of water such as a river, lake or ocean.

Threats to the wetlands and surrounding communities

  • High percentage of surfaces (pavement, sidewalks, rooftops) that don’t absorb stormwater
  • Untreated and strong stormwater runoff flows from downtown Raleigh and communities upstream
  • Extreme and nuisance flooding of nearby communities
  • Poor water quality from erosion and sedimentation, development and habitat degradation

A few members of Partners for Environmental Justice (PEJ).

Making a Positive Impact in the Wetlands

  • The WCWCP is committed to working on local issues in the wetlands by engaging the local community and partners, and by developing action-based solutions
  • Check out partner pages (links below) to see how they are making a positive impact in the wetlands, watershed and local communities
  • We are always interested to hear from and to work with the community to address any concerns, and to implement ideas to support healthy wetlands and communities. Find contact information below.


Get involved!

This group is open to anyone interested in participating or receiving updates. Partners communicate through an email listserv and periodic gatherings in the community. WRRI and NCSU College of Natural Resources are coordinating the partnership.

  • Attend meetings and community events
  • Follow us on Facebook @walnutcreekwetlandcommunitypartnership
  • Receive email updates
    • Email Christy Perrin at christy_perrin@ncsu.edu to subscribe to the listserv. Email Christy or Louie Rivers at lrivers@ncsu.edu with any further questions