Partners for Environmental Justice (PEJ) is one of the partners in the Walnut Creek Wetland Community Partnership, which provides an informational hub and communication forum for academic, government, community leaders, and residents to collaborate on education, research, sustainable management of the wetlands’ natural resources and development of the surrounding human community.

The Walnut Creek Wetland Park was first envisioned by PEJ in the late 1990’s. Through PEJ’s collaboration with the City of Raleigh, the Wetland Center was constructed and dedicated in September 2009. The Wetland Center serves as a nexus for environmental outreach into the community and a place to educate people on the importance of wetlands for clean water, habitat, and recreation while emphasizing the importance of human interaction with nature.

The short documentary film, Partners for Environmental Justice – Building Community Around Raleigh’s Walnut Creek Wetlands, tells the story of PEJ’s founding in the mid-1990s as a community organization with the goals of improving the well-being of the Rochester Heights and Biltmore Hills communities, through education and collaboration to address chronic flooding, trash dumping and invasive plant species in and around the Walnut Creek wetlands. The film also chronicles founder Dr. Norman Camp’s lifetime of activism for environmental justice.

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