Past Projects

  • Rain Garden at St. Ambrose Church
    • WCWCP installed a rain garden at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, funded by an American Rivers grant and City of Raleigh Rainwater Rewards. Watch three videos about the rain garden at the City’s site here.
  • Graduate Student Research
    • Dresden McGregor,an NCSU graduate student, worked in the community to learn more about residents’ views, flooding, and green infrastructure opportunities. These are projects that use nature to provide community and environmental benefits. A peer-reviewed journal article published the results of this study. To read the paper and for more information, email Louie Rivers.
  • Hydrologic Monitoring in Rochester Heights Creek and Little Rock Creek
    • Theo Jass and Ryan Emanuel, NCSU CNR, used American Rivers funding to see how high Little Rock Creek and Rochester Heights’ creeks get after rain events.
    • Krissy Hopkins with USGS analyzed the data and created the graphs found below.

Image: Local community and WCWCP partners installing the rain garden at St. Ambrose Church


This graph shows the range of responses in the stream for different sized rainfall events. The value above the box plot is the mean water lever rise (the grey circles) of all the events in that rainfall category.

This graph shows how quickly the creek can rise and fall during a rainfall event. During this rainfall, the stream rose 1.3 feet in 15 minutes during a 1.27 inch rainfall that lasted 45 minutes (average of 1.7 inches/hour). This graph shows that the greater the rainfall intensity, the greater the rise in the stream.

Information Resources

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