About Parks with Purpose


What is Parks with Purpose

A “Parks with Purpose” effort has been engaging the community of Southeast Raleigh in creating a new green park facility that celebrates the local history, culture and natural environment. Driven by a Community Task Force, this natural area will be a place of community gathering, while also providing a space for environmental education, green job training programs, and outdoor recreation. The site will also support clean and healthy wetlands. The project started in 2018 and is funded by The Conservation Fund and in partnership with the City of Raleigh. The Walnut Creek “Parks with Purpose” project is one of several on the east coast, putting us in good company with Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association of Durham, Atlanta, and Baltimore peers.


Image: Aerial view of the community of Southeast Raleigh. The Bailey Drive Gateway site is to the south of the larger Walnut Creek Wetland Park.






Image: Street-view of the Bailey Drive Gateway space. Currently an empty lot, recently filled with invasive species and garbage.

The Bailey Drive Gateway Project

  • The Community Task Force chose to design and construct the park on a site along Bailey Drive, adjacent to the Walnut Creek Wetlands
  • The site will be part of the larger Walnut Creek Wetland Park 
  • Design Workshop, a design firm, has led the design process by engaging community members and residents 
  • Check out the project website to learn more!
  • Design Workshop is working with the City of Raleigh to draft the final design

News and Events

  • The community has selected, “A Walk in the Neighborhood” as the final concept plan. Check out the project website to learn more.
  • A local workforce training crew joined an American Conservation Experience (ACE) crew to do vegetation management at the Walnut Creek Wetland Park, including the Bailey Drive Gateway site.
  • We are planning enhancing the Walnut Creek Greenway with an art installation, signage or seating. Let us know what you think!
  • We’ve recently unveiled artist  Tiffany Baker’s artwork at the Bailey Drive Gateway site! Titled Our Reflective History, this homage to the Rochester Heights neighborhood’s rich history was celebrated with local food, music, and festivities. 


Bailey Drive Gateway art exhibit


Final Concept Plan – A walk in the neighborhood

Current Efforts

  • Design Workshop is finalizing the design for the site.
  • Construction start date: TBD

Our Groups Documents

  • Check out the Winter newsletter
  • The Bailey Drive Gateway Parks with Purpose vision plan coming soon!

Get Involved!


For more information on this project contact email Christy Perrin at christy_perrin@ncsu.edu or Louie Rivers at lrivers@ncsu.edu with any further questions. Or visit the Parks with Purpose website