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WRRI Annual Conference Abstract Form

Fill out this form to propose a panel, poster, talk, workshop or activity at the NC WRRI Annual Conference.
  • Presentation Type

    Please select your primary presentation type preference. Please also mark any alternative presentation types you are willing to explore. Standard oral and poster presentation slots are limited and, while we will do our best to accommodate presenters' first choice, we encourage presenters to think about other creative and engaging ways to share their work.
    This session style is a standard 20-minute presentation.
    This style is a set of four 20-minute oral presentations on a similar theme. Your abstract represents the overall theme and suggests the individual topics. You are responsible for recruiting all four speakers.
    This style is a short talk of five to seven minutes and will be combined with other lightning talks or will appear as part of a panel.
    This style is a hands-on, interactive session lasting one to two hours. It may feature a panel, instruction, skill training, demonstration, discussion or other facilitated activity.
    This style is a set of speakers or panelists organized around a similar topic, with short or no set talks, including a moderated discussion with session attendees.
    If you have an alternative session style for presenting a water-related topic or theme, please share it with us. We are open to new ideas that engage, excite and inform!
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