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Ellerbe Creek, a creek that runs through Durham, North Carolina, not far from Duke University, where Gray conducted his lab work

Past Research Projects

Projects Archive

WRRI has funded research since the 1960s. A complete list of projects and associated results and report information can be found below. Research reports are housed and accessible through the NC State Technical Reports Repository.

  • General tips:
    • You can search across the entire Water Resources Research Institute series of publications, or you can click on an individual collection and search within that collection
    • You can search by author, date, title, keyword, and in some cases, by project number.
    • To find publications for projects funded by the UWC or SWG, enter “Urban+Water+Consortium” or “Stormwater+Group” into the search fields.
    • The “Search For” field will search for keywords in the entire publication, as well as search the title.
    • If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, you can browse publications by title, date, and author.
  • For research reports:
    • Sometimes the lead author on a report may be different than the lead PI on the original project.
    • The report publication year on the repository usually will not correspond to the year that the project was initially funded.
    • Sometimes the publication title differs from the original project title.
  • Collections include:
    • Research Reports – Researchers supported by WRRI, UWC, and SWG funding are required to submit a final report upon completion of their research. Reports for WRRI projects date back to 1967.
    • WRRI Newsletters – WRRI publishes a quarterly newsletter that highlights water research around the state, legislative updates, and water-related event. This collection contains newsletters dating back to 1996.
    • Annual Programs – From 1990-2006, WRRI published an annual program, which was a detailed summary of WRRI’s research priorities, funded projects, and project findings for the previous year.