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Upcoming WRRI Events

Related Events

WRRI helps to spread the word about other water-related workshops and events but we do not have any involvement in planning these events, nor do we handle registration. Please see individual links for details.

Past WRRI Events

  • Dec 3: NCWRA Luncheon, Forum & Webinar: NCDOT Hydraulics Unit 2.0, Raleigh, NC
  • Sept 24, 2018: NCWRA Luncheon, Forum & Webinar: Dam Removal: Propagation of Sediment and a NC Case Study
  • May 7-8, May 22-23, June 6-7: NC Aquatic Data Hub Workshops, Various locations
  • March 14-15: WRRI Annual Conference, Raleigh, NC
  • Feb 5: NCWRA Luncheon, Forum & Webinar: Wake Co Efforts to Protect Private Well Users from Contamination, Raleigh, NC
  • Dec 4: NCWRA Luncheon, Forum and Webinar: What’s New in NC’s Stormwater Program?, Raleigh, NC
  • Nov 9: WSN: Sustainably Funding Your Watershed Efforts Workshop, Fayetteville, NC
  • Nov 2: NCWRA & NCAEP present: TMDL Alternatives: Category 4B Success Stories, Winston-Salem, NC
  • Oct 23: WSN: Sustainably Funding Your Watershed Efforts Workshop, New Bern, NC
  • Sept 27: WSN: Sustainably Funding Your Watershed Efforts Workshop, Newton, NC
  • Sept 25: NCWRA Luncheon, Forum and Webinar: Emerging Contaminants & the Cape Fear River, Raleigh, NC
  • Sept 14-152017 Confluence Conference
  • June 6: NC Watershed Stewardship Network Steering Committee Meeting, New Bern, NC
  • May 1 & 4: Webinar: Learn about NC WRRI’s Funding Opportunities
  • March 15-16: 19th WRRI Annual Conference, Raleigh, NC
  • March 8: Watershed Planning: Strategies and Tools to Protect and Restore Coastal Water Quality
  • Feb 6: NCWRA Luncheon, Forum & Webinar: What is in Wastewater: Bacteria, Virus,and Parasite Pathogens, Plus Their Genes: What We Know and Need to Know Better
  • Dec 5: NCWRA Luncheon, Forum & Webinar: Green Infrastructure- The Future of Stormwater
  • Sept 12: NCWRA Luncheon, Forum & Webinar: “Leading (and following) During Adversity: Lessons from Coal Ash,” Raleigh, NC
  • Sept 8-92016 Confluence Conference, St. Simons Island, GA
  • April 12-13, May 17-18, June 15-16:  Tools of Watershed Management: Achieving Your Goals Through Strategy, Action & Engagment, Salsibury, Asheville, Kinston, NC
  • April 28: Erosion and Sedimentation Control Planning and Design Workshop, Hickory, NC
  • Feb 16Freshwater in the North Carolina Coastal Plain: Understanding and Preparing for 21st Century Challenges
  • Feb 8: NCWRA Luncheon, Forum and Webinar: SCITS, WRAPS and FOATS – New Tools to Satisfy Regulatory Needs and Track Water Restoration and Protection Efforts