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K-12 Education Resources

NNCWSN seeks to increase understanding and appreciation of water in K-12 audiences. Resources here include our Watershed Wisdom online lesson plan created with PBS NC.

Watershed Wisdom

Watershed Wisdom is a blended lesson aligning with North Carolina 4th-and 5th-grade science standards. Educators can use an entire 2-week curriculum, or select individual activities. The lesson is available for free at PBS Learning Media online after creating a free account.

Partners’ Resources

As a foundation for their efforts, the K-12 team compiled a spreadsheet of lessons relevant for NC learners related to water topics.

Additional resources from NC Division of Water Quality, USGS, and  Clean Water Education Partnership are found on the WRRI education page.

K-12 Team Participants

Thank you to the K-12 team participants for creating these resources:

  • Lauren Daniel, NC Division of Water Resources
  • Paula Edelson, UNC-TV Science
  • Kelsey Ellis, Abermarle Pamlico National Estuary Partnership
  • Amy Farinelli, City of Raleigh Stormwater
  • Heather Fisher, Town of Hillsborough Stormwater
  • Frank Graff, UNC-TV Science
  • Christy Perrin, Water Resources Research Institute
  • With contributions from Krista Brinchek, Jenna Hartley, Jennifer Archimbault, and Grant Parkin