About the North Carolina Watershed Stewardship Network (NCWSN)

The NC Watershed Stewardship Network seeks to empower more effective watershed stewardship because water is critical to economic, environmental, and community health. 

The NC Watershed Stewardship Network (NCWSN) provides opportunities for water stewards to collaborate and provide each other peer support, skill building, and tools to enable community members to work on their local waters. Interested people create work teams to provide these various opportunities. We meet in person when we can, and online and by phone when we must.

Find Your Watershed!

A watershed is an area of land where all of the water that drains off of or flows underneath it collects to the same place (such as a river). We all live in a watershed. You can learn about yours on EPA’s How’s My Waterway site www.epa.gov/waterdata/hows-my-waterway.

A river basin makes up all the land around a river, and contains many nested smaller watersheds.  Learn about North Carolina’s 17 river basins with the NC Office of Environmental Education www.eenorthcarolina.org/resources/river-basin-program 

map of North Carolina

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